Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm Just a Jersey Girl

It started with a pattern. This one from I made it with a little polyester jersey remnant I've had for about ten years.

I was so pleased with the result, and with the fact that I can, after all, sew with knits, that I jumped back on the web to several great free patterns for jersey skirts. Next thing I know, I created the three way skirt.

Jersey is super comfortable, can be dressed up or down and is suitable for summer or winter because it's light and breathable, but also looks great over tights and leggings.

But here's the real reason I love jersey - it fits.  It fits in the morning and it still fits at night.  It fits in the middle of the month the end of the month and the beginning of the next. It fits my waist, my butt, my hips and my thighs, even my troublesome calves fit into all my leggings and yoga pants. Jersey is the miracle fabric that makes all my bits look good.

There's a fashion edict - "buy tailored clothes that fit." To blazes with that, I say. Buy what is comfortable and looks good.  I get that stretch pants, for some, are the beginning of the end, but for me they are the end of the insanity. Since I decided to forgo fitted clothes all together and wear almost exclusively jersey I've lost nearly twenty pounds, without trying at all!

I look good, and feel good in well made jersey bottoms with fun jersey dresses, skirts or tunics over top. Add a cardigan, a funky necklace and a scarf and that's my signature look. I only took me 43 years to figure it out, but I'm a jersey girl. Stretch or die, dude.

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