Saturday, July 24, 2010

In Praise of Aprons

I know; it’s hardly a fashion statement, and even if it was I seem to have discovered pretty late in life, but I LOVE wearing an apron. Now, as I’m sure everyone has already figured out, I have a fabric addiction. And apart from patchwork quilts, nothing suits medium weight, good quality printed cotton like a pretty apron. Therefore, of late, I have made a couple – simple designs with a little ruffle here a little eyelet there. Nothing fancy. A fun little project I could finish in half an hour. And note the I-pod pockets!

I was completely unprepared, however, for the sense of power these aprons give me. When I have my apron on I feel as though I can do anything. I guess I didn’t realize that I’d been going through my domestic life afraid of getting gunk on me. But now that I have discovered aprons, no sludge, no damp coffee grounds, no peanut butter or craft paint can stop me. I’m INVICIBLE! I’ve got my phone and I’m ready to rumble.

Of course, they’re also easy and fun to make. I found some great heavier weight cotton at IKEA, of all places, for $5 a meter. In fun polka dots too. I bought the blue and white, green and white and black and white, one meter each. At 60 inches wide I can get three aprons for each meter. So far I’ve only made two, but watch out at Christmas time!

I’m going to try to make aprons for all my sisters and friends. I hope they wear them and discover, like I did, the magical power of the apron.

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