Saturday, August 1, 2009

The No-Sew-T-Shirt-Shopping-Bag

Sometimes two separate necessities meet in such a pleasing way that it just feels like the universe understands us, for a change, understands and sympathizes with our weaknesses, instead of judging us for them. Thus the "No-Sew-T-Shirt-Shopping-Bag". Problem 1 - plastic shopping bags. They are little floating plastic bags of death. We all hate them, so why can't they go away? Problem 2 - too many t-shirts. As anyone who has ever been to a convention, sent their child to summer school or camp, or bought a Volkswagen will tell you, there IS such as thing as too many t-shirts. What to do with them all? Problem 3 - no sewing machine. Discussed in a previous post, this problem is more widespread than I had hoped, once, when I was young and idealistic. Solution: The No-Sew-T-Shirt-Shopping-Bag Here's how: (see here for step by step pictures)
  1. Take an unwanted t-shirt. Make sure it is clean. Regular cotton double knit(not ribbed) will give the best results.
  2. Cut BELOW the bottom stitching until you have a long thin rope. Pull it taut and it should roll up too a nice rope tie.
  3. Cut small 1/2 cm holes along the bottom of the t-shirt above the stitching you have left. Make the holes about 3-4 cm apart.
  4. Thread your tie rope through the holes and gather up the bottom of the t-shirt. Tie a tight knot and make of bow of the excess tie-rope.
  5. Cut the arms and collar off the t-shirt INSIDE the stitching.
  6. Stretch and pull the "handles" until your bag looks right.

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