Monday, July 27, 2009

First challenge - Iced Coffee

This may seem like a small thing, trivial in fact, but how many of us spend up to five, ten, even twenty dollars PER DAY on coffee drinks? Think about it - that's three to six thousand dollars per year. On coffee. Just to put it in perspective, with three thousand dollars here are just SOME of the things you can pay for: -ten cleft palate operations in developing countries -Up to 100 investment micro-loans with something like Grameen Bank -Up to two semesters at a state or public university in Canada, the US or Australia - Two kick-ass electric bikes -100+ months of birth control pills.

So, start grinding, people.

 1. Make the strongest coffee you can manage. I used an espresso maker, but a plunger or drip filter will work as long as you make it STRONG!

 2. Pour half a cup of this super strength coffee straight over at least a half a cup of ice. The ice will melt and you'll have room temperature coffee.

 3. Fill a tall glass halfway with ice, add the room temperature coffee.

 4. Add coffee cream, whipping cream or half and half (milk is OK too, I guess, but it's not very good) and your preferred sweetener to taste.
 You can blend this mix for a frappuccino - if you have a blender. If you don't, buy one.

While you're buying your blender, buy a sewing machine.

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  1. it's been a long time since I've had a frou frou coffee drink. We spoil ourselves with home brewed Ily Coffee, Peet's if we're a little lower on cash.
    However, the next time you're in SF, get thee to Blue Bottle Coffee, that's my one indulgence.